To Promote Public Awareness of Britain’s Dependence on the Sea

Mission Statement

‘The Greenwich Forum aims to promote public awareness of our dependence on the sea, by encouragement of debate, discussion and education.  With a membership which transcends the normal boundaries that exist between business and public affairs as well as between academic disciplines, the Forum creates and strengthens formal and informal links between those involved in the marine/maritime sectors, whether as policy-makers or practitioners. Recognising the interdependence of sea-based activities in a globalised and environmentally sensitive world, the Forum’s prime objective is to foster greater coherence in maritime policy at national, regional and international levels.’

What is The Greenwich Forum?

The Greenwich Forum is an independent body pledged to promote public awareness of Britain’s dependence on the sea. It encourages debate primarily by holding conferences, colloquia and seminars. Established in 1973, it has organised over sixty events, several of which have resulted in publication of the proceedings. The Forum also awards an annual prize for the best undergraduate project on a maritime/marine topic.

The Forum is limited to 40 individual members representing all aspects of the maritime/marine world, serving as individuals and giving their time freely. It is a non-profit making limited company and a registered charity. The Greenwich Maritime Centre, University of Greenwich, Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities is the administrative centre for the Greenwich Forum.

It is an aim of the Greenwich Forum to stimulate awareness on the part of government, the public, experts in the field and decision makers, to treat maritime activities and their problems as closely interdependent, rather than as a number of unrelated extensions of land-based activities, which often fall within the province of many different departments and agencies. It recognises the need to create a coherent framework for a maritime policy on regional and global scale, rather than an exclusively national one.

Latest News

Xiaoming Yang, graduate of University of Southampton is awarded the 2016 prize for Best Undergraduate Project.

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