Rear Admiral Richard Hill


Short Biography:

Richard Hill was born in 1929, joined the Royal Navy in 1942 and went to sea in 1946. After seventeen years at sea, specialising in navigation, he spent the remaining twenty years of his career mainly in Whitehall appointments. On retirement in 1983 he became Chief Executive of the Middle Temple, leaving that office in 1994. He has written ten full-length books on maritime matters covering history, strategy and tactics and he has also contributed to numerous conferences and other published papers. He was for nineteen years Editor of the Naval Review and is a past chairman of the SNR.


Maritime Interests:

Contemporary: naval strategy; policy; plans and intelligence; all aspects of maritime power; transport; finance & ports; maritime security at sea and in harbour; the international law of the sea; rules of engagement for maritime forces.

Historical: the exercise of maritime power from c.1700; the prize system 1793-1815



Richard previously worked for The Naval Review - This is the professional quarterly journal of the Royal Navy and is distributed to its members (currently 2500 of whom half are serving officers). It enjoys a privileged status in that contributions to its pages (about 100 per issue) do not have to be approved by higher authority.